September 29, 2020

The social organisation and adapting to change – Future of Marketing 2014

The social organisation and adapting to change – Future of Marketing 2014 #FOM14 – Michelle Goodall

  1. 1. Copyright © Econsultancy The Social Organisation Adapting to change and key social media trends Michelle Goodall – Consultant @greenwellys
  2. 2. Hello I’m @greenwellys Copyright ©Michelle Goodall 2
  3. 3. The next 30 minutes… 1. Key challenges for organisa9ons adap9ng to a ‘social customer’? 2. How to frame your thinking as a changemaker? 3. Social media trends for short and longer term planning ….all wrapped up in some tweetable soundbites ;-­‐) Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  4. 4. The social organisation v social media… Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  5. 5. Just so we’re clear about the social customer… Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  6. 6. Everyone loves Listicles… Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  7. 7. Challenge #1 – Unclear visions, values, purpose and meaning Changemakers must understand the very nature of your business… Vision, values, purpose, meaning must be clear, understood & shared Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  8. 8. Challenge #2 – Channel, platform and ownership think Social Media has no single department…yes, it requires steering ” but must have involvement all teams and stakeholders Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  9. 9. Challenge #3 – Tools before teams Place challenges, audiences, strategy & team before tools & technology Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  10. 10. Challenge #4 – ‘Social customers’ more demanding than ever “Customer Experience” isn’t a department in the mind of a customer. Your gaps can be crevasses. Customer journeys & customer experience are the heart of your business. Fix the gaps. Copyright ©Michelle Goodall hJps://­‐block-­‐10/comcas9c-­‐service
  11. 11. Challenge #5 – ‘Social customer’ habits change 2004 2006 -­‐ 11 2012 Be adaptive to the smallest changes. They can have significant effects on customer behaviour. Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  12. 12. Challenge #6 – We have 5 levels of approval and the boss doesn’t get social Small iterative projects create evidence of benefits, build trust, resolve issues, & pull others along. hJps:// Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  13. 13. Challenge #7 – We’re not sure that our content is working Cut down on the c£#p…better quality, better cut and better targeted content. Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  14. 14. Challenge #8 – Reputation and Crisis Management Prepare for the very worst, the very bad and the very uncomfortable. They will happen… Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  15. 15. Challenge #9 – Cover, blame and shame culture Transform a Blame Culture into a Beta Culture. Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  16. 16. Challenge #10 – Troublesome employees are ticking timebombs Embrace internal anarchists as ‘problem hackers’. Social touches the whole company, so get the whole company involved. Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  17. 17. Some trends summarised…. 1. 2015 the year of Internal Communica9on? 2. Increased fragmenta9on of social channels 3. The rise and rise of social service Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  18. 18. Some trends summarised…. 4. Data visualisa9on & beJer visualisa9on 5. ‘hackable’ content Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  19. 19. Some trends summarised…. 6. Accelerated and targeted social ads 7. Reputa9onal risk of social data Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  20. 20. The Changemakers…frame your thinking 1. Inside out, outside in lens 2. Collect and curate case studies 3. Spend 9me in all departments 4. Prepare yourself for lots of workshops! 5. Learn from peers in other orgs/industries 6. Itera9ve change is a powerful thing 7. Talk like a boss! Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  21. 21. ….if you only read one book… Copyright ©Michelle Goodall
  22. 22. Image credits Social Business Model Antony Mayfield – Brilliant Noise Social departments Dell Top 10 Tips paren9ng-­‐defiant-­‐ Our town is going to make jeans… Hiut Denim Lego Team Lego Shamed Dog 1:9:90 Yahoo Social Technographics Ladder Forrester Par9cipa9on Choice model BBC Joan from Mad Men Meme Customer level expert The world is mine In the depot Torfaen County Borough Council Crap Velocity Partners
  23. 23. Image credits Crap Velocity Partners US Airways Tweet London2012 hJp:// 9427788/North-­‐Korea-­‐women-­‐footballers-­‐ protest-­‐over-­‐flag-­‐gaffe.html KLM TwiJer @KLM David McCandless Samaritans Radar Organisa9ons Don’t Tweet…
  24. 24. Copyright © Econsultancy Download The Social Organisation Adapting to change and key social media trends Michelle Goodall – Consultant @greenwellys
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